Maintenance Agreements

Staab & Sons Inc. will custom design maintenance and service agreements specifically for you!

Staab & Sons Inc. has been a family owned and operated company since 1929. We can design any type of maintenance agreement to fit your specific needs. Just give us a call and we will evaluate your needs and set up a program that is right for you!
 We have both residential and commercial programs that provide preventative maintenance for your equipment and keep it running at peak efficiency! Our factory authorized, NATE certified technicians will be thorough, and will take good care of your system for years to come.

Below is an example of the services you can expect from a signature Staab & Sons Maintenance Agreement!

For Air Conditioners

  • Check furnace blower/ oil bearings

  • Check blower motor/ oil bearings

  • Check belts

  • Check air filters

  • Clean blower compartment

  • Check air conditioner compressor

  • Check air conditioner contactor

  • Check air conditioner condensing fan motor

  • Check air conditioner disconnect switch

  • Check air conditioner capacitor

  • Check air conditioner electrical connections

  • Check air conditioner condensing coil

  • Check A/C refrigeration/ Freon pressures

  • Check thermostat

  • Check temperature drops and air flow

  • Check & clean condensate drains

  • Check condensate pumps (if applicable)

  • Check air distribution

  • Check air cleaner

  • Shut off humidifier

  • Attach sticker to furnace

For Furnaces

  • Check heat exchanger

  • Clean combustion chamber

  • Carbon monoxide test

  • Check blower/ oil bearings

  • Check blower motor/ oil bearings

  • Check belts

  • Clean blower compartment

  • Clean & check burners

  • Check pilot assembly

  • Check electrical connections

  • Clean & check condensate drain

  • Check filter

  • Check flame sensor

  • Check gas pressure & gas valve

  • Check limit control

  • Check temperature rise

  • Check flue draw

  • Check thermostat

  • Check condensate pump (if applicable)

  • Check water pump (boilers)

  • Check low water cutoff (boilers)

  • Check operation of system

  • Check humidifier (if applicable)

  • Check air cleaner (if applicable)

  • Change burner nozzle (if applicable)